Meet our baby angoras: Primavera and Rosebud

Spring has sprung on Dragos Farm as two of our mama goats have given birth to female kids! We are so excited for these new arrivals and have decided to name one Primavera (the black one) and the other Rosebud (Primrose’s white baby).

Primavera arrived in the very first hour of spring 2018! As I was finishing up some morning chores I noticed that one of our female goats wasn’t eating and was bleating at me then turning to leave when I would come close. I knew something was up. I peaked my head around the corner of the deck to see a brand new black kid lying in our lower field!

I ran inside to grab Tiana and a few towels to dry her off. Right as we were getting down to her she stood for the first time and bleated happily in the warmth of the morning sun. It was 9:15am, we took some pictures then both had to run back to work and leave mama to do what she does best.

About a week and a half went by and our first goat Primrose, a full Angora, still hadn’t given birth. She had been impregnated first so we were getting a little concerned but just kept a little closer eye on her. On Thursday night 4/5/2018 Primrose started to act like she was laboring. Shorter breaths, laying down, bleating and not going to her normal shelter. We went out and put her in our “maternity suite,” which is basically just a tarp tent with a small yard of its own. After a few checks, around midnight, we heard the baby from inside our house. We rushed out to clean her off and help out our new mama.

This goat is very special for us and Primrose because we adopted her from a flock where she was picked on and cast out. Now on our farm she is at the top of her flock and now has a baby of her own that she gets to love on. Definitely warms our hearts to be able to see that.

Raising goats has definitely been a great learning experience and they are by far our most productive and favorite animals here on Dragos Farm!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is super adorable. This was the perfecting ending to my day, just now got online and saw this. I want baby goats…I love animals. All these photos are beautiful but my favorite photo is of your little girl holding the black sheep. Thanks for sharing.


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